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The Background


K. Milliner Kitchens Consulting, LLC is a full service tourism sales and marketing agency that focuses on connecting top tier resorts with top tier travel advisors. With twenty years of marketing and sales experience, brand development, and niche market development we leverage our network of industry relationships to help our clients achieve success. Additionally, our unparalleled experience in working with destinations throughout the Caribbean, tour operators, and airlines helps us to bring a comprehensive approach to marketing and sales to our clients.




Kay Milliner Kitchens is the CEO of K. Milliner Kitchens Consulting, LLC. She has 20 years of travel and tourism experience, all of which was during her time with the United States Virgin Islands Department of Tourism. Kay first began her career with the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism in 2003 as the department’s Regional Manager, Midwest. Kay spent several years in the Midwest market, growing the U.S. Virgin Islands market share in that area, before transitioning to the position of Regional Manager, Atlanta in 2007. Kay remained in the position as Regional Manager, Atlanta until 2010, when she advanced to the Director of Sales role and served as a key member of the executive team, developing targeted sales strategies for the United States Virgin Islands Department of Tourism. During her tenure, she directed the North American sales team in the completion of objectives for targeting travel agents and consumers. She also worked to formulate marketing strategies and relationships across various niche markets that were essential to the increase of visitor air arrivals into the U.S. Virgin Islands. While serving as Director of Sales, Kay was key in developing growth in the luxury market by establishing and building relationships with several luxury travel consortia’s. Building relationships with luxury advisors and numerous other advisors has helped Kay to amass an impressive database of  travel agents throughout North America. Many of these advisors specialize in romance, luxury, and multi-generational travel. In her continued efforts to build strong travel advisor relationships, she also revamped the USVI’s familiarization tour program, leading the destination to host hundreds of travel agents over the past 9 years. Those advisors have been responsible for booking millions of dollars in room nights in the USVI.  Kay currently resides in Atlanta with her husband and son and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Georgia and a Master’s in Business Management from Walden University. Kay can be contacted by email at or by telephone at 770-624-9957.


How We Work For You




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Working Together
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We work hand in hand with you, to identify key niche markets to penetrate and strategically place your company  in front of these markets. This approach can be applied to target markets, both locally and across the globe, and is key to developing niche markets and increasing your customer base.


Branding is key to any company's success and creating a strong brand presence among key clients is a top priority, when the focus is  increasing your customer base. We work closely with you to help you develop a strong brand relationship with your customers, helping you reach your target markets and gain market share.


Identifying what makes you unique, is key to attracting the right clients for your destination. Our approach helps to pin point markets with high growth potential and highlighting the appeal of your product to those markets, increasing your revenue.


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